Blog #2

One Teacher Lets Students Prove They’re Trustworthy With Devices

I read an article that had to do with students using personal devices within classrooms. The article specifically focuses on one teach as she seeks a means to provide meaningful and insight full education from students and their personal devices. The idea of students bringing their own technology to classes is referred to as a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy. The policy seeks to allow technology resources to be utilized while not adversely effecting schools with small budgets. There are countless issues that can be associated with students bringing their own devices. However, if the positive aspects of BYOD policies are utilized they could be an incomparable tool in the classroom.

Amy Walker is a Spanish teacher that has made many attempts to implicated the policy into her classroom. She has adopted a policy that allows students to use there phones at all times in the classroom. It is Amy’s hope that technology can help her bridge the gap between students lives in and outside of the classroom. She found success by allowing student to prove there responsibilities and relying on mutual trust in order to maintain classroom order. Being a Spanish teacher allows Amy to be more creative and unique with classroom set up and style. She ties a lot of online homework into her class to allow students to work on mobile devises.

As the popularity of the policy has grown due to Amy’s ambition, she has been able to assist teacher who are less confident with technology and who find the it difficult to allow students free rein with there technology. Amy believes it is important for teachers to include technology in all aspects of teaching because technology is an ever growing resource in the classroom. Finding a mutual trust and respect for each other in the classroom is the first stepping stone when it comes to incorporating technology in a classroom.

Q1: How will the issue help or hinder your teaching practices? Why?

I really believe that technology is becoming incredibly important when it comes to education. I think the incorporation of technology in a classroom will help teaching practices. Technology in the classroom can be used as a fantastic tool when it comes to teaching students. With a BYOD policy students will feel more comfortable using known technology, as well as learning new technologies. I also think that finding a mutual trust with the students and the technology is a good starting ground


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